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"Replace tree" function not available

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September 5, 2013 at 19:35 #8838


I am trying to replace all imdi files in a corpus but there is no such button as shown in manual. I also tried unlinking all files, replacing imdi’s and then linking those new imdi files but then all resource files won’t link automatically.
Only replace option, which is available, is in session level and it would take too long time to manually replace all session nodes.

September 9, 2013 at 16:34 #8840


Hi, this actually is a bug in the LAMUS manual – the replace feature does not exist for all IMDI nodes, only for the session type.

For security reasons, only session IMDIs can be replaced. Even then, you run a risk that resource links get flawed during the replace. The underlying problem is that you have to map the identities of all old and new nodes and links between the state before and after the replace. The risk of mis-mapping is more manageable when replacing only a single IMDI session file. For replacing whole corpora, LAMUS would have no other choice than interactively “discussing” the mapping with the user before applying it, to limit risks. That would make such function too slow to be useful.

I personally would consider asking corpus management to apply your IMDI corpus files manually. If I understand you correctly, you want to update the metadata in the corpus files, without changing the link structure, which should be easier to handle.

For updating multiple IMDI session files, I think the LAMUS functionality is sufficient: Replacing one session file (preserving the resources and links) only takes a few clicks, so it takes much less time than the creation of that session by some annotator has already taken anyway. Also, you can upload whole directories to LAMUS in a single action.

If your IMDI session files are actually mass-created from some machine-readable data source, making LAMUS a bottleneck, I would again suggest contacting corpus management to work out a method to mass-create IMDIs directly fitted to and linked to your archived corpus, rather than manually replacing individual sessions in LAMUS.

September 10, 2013 at 11:12 #8850

Alexander König

Hi Martin,

I think Eric is mistaken here. In principle it should be possible to replace a whole tree, provided you did the editing in Arbil. Please refer to chapter three of the LAMUS manual at http://www.mpi.nl/corpus/html/lamus/ch03.html#id355675.

I think, however, that the manual doesn’t mention one important restriction. You cannot replace the topnode, that is the highest node of your workspace, in this fashion. But all corpus nodes below that should be replaceable. Sometimes you might get an error message if the new structure cannot be mapped onto the old one. As Eric said, this is a quite complicated procedure.

Let me know, if you continue to have issues. You can also contact me by email, if things get too specific for a general forum.

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